With our planned maintenance programs, every facility manager is familiar with a standard HVAC maintenance program. At TEAM, we take the standard maintenance program and convert it into a tool that has a significant impact on facility operations as a whole. Our technicians are factory trained and well versed in maintenance practices for all brands of equipment. Then we mix in the TEAM maintenance protocol and the end result is a proprietary maintenance regimen that maximizes the equipment’s life, reduces breakdowns, significantly improves indoor air quality, and reduces energy consumption. TEAM’s Planned Maintenance Programs are all-inclusive in regards to maintenance supplies and materials. Each program is customized per your building’s requirements.

TEAM’s Comprehensive Coverage Programs provide complete budget control for all the HVAC systems within your facility. With this program, we are responsible for your Planned Maintenance Program, as well as the costs associated when a breakdown or repair is needed. TEAM Mechanical assumes all liability pertaining to your HVAC systems. TEAM’s Comprehensive Maintenance Programs have become extremely popular with facilities that want to know what their operational expenses are from year to year without surprises. This premium service is available to all facilities.

We will listen to your issues and concerns, and treat your operational goals as if they were our own. We’ll study your mechanical systems and provide recommendations that will benefit your specific facility. Focused on energy conservation,  TEAM’s  Maintenance Programs deliver exactly what you’re looking for: A clear, concise plan of action to save thousands in energy expenses.